Our History

maureen-peterGrowing up Maureen and I had no choice but play together as there weren’t many other kids around. We would use our imagination pretending we were racecar drivers and living in a penthouse tree house (in the top of our barn in Forkston). Fast forward —more years than I care to admit — and we try to incorporate the same imagination and cooperation in the Bistro that served us so well as kids.

It all started when Maureen would visit me in Brooklyn and we would go out to cafés and bistros. We thought “Wouldn’t it be nice if there was something like this in Tunkhannock?” So in 2006, Maureen and I prompted by my business partner Jaime, and the renaissance started by the Dietrich Theater, decided to go for it and open a bistro in Tunkhannock. We thought it would be great to have some place to go before and/or after the movies—especially someplace you don’t have to move your car as we are located right across the street. We offer “movie specials” that tie in with the Dietrich’s feature films and when possible, we play the film’s soundtrack. This way you can begin your movie experience before you even get your ticket and then continue the experience as you relax while discussing the movie over a cappuccino. It was a long journey getting here but on December 6, 2007 we open our doors minutes after the tree lighting for Christmas in Our Hometown.

We chose the name Tioga because it is a Native American word meaning “the place where two rivers meet.” Besides accurately describing our location being on Tioga Street, it also represents where the city and small town sensibility meet.

Whether you are coming in for a caramel macchiato or a soup and sandwich combo, our goal is you to have a great experience of good food in a relaxing and interesting environment.

So far our reception by the community has been exceptional. We strive to make sure our friendly staff provides amazing service to our patrons.

We look forward to making our contribution to this great town.

Maureen Dymond & Peter Byrnes Proprietors

There are so many wonderful causes, benefits and organizations that need support in our community, country and world. While we obviously cannot support all of them, we do the best we can to help out where we can. We would like to encourage you to also support this partial list of the causes we have supported:

We Support

  • American Cancer Society
  • American Diabetes Association
  • Bonnie’s Buds
  • Forkston Creek Junction Park
  • Funds for Foot
  • Kiwanis
  • Michael O’Leary Scholarship Fund
  • Mo Ostrosky Motorcycle Ride
  • Relay for Life
  • Seven Loaves Soup Kitchen
  • Tiger House
  • Tiger Sharks
  • Tunkhannock High School Football Team
  • Tunkhannock Middle School Student Council
  • Tunkhannnock School Homecoming
  • United Way

We are a member of

  • Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce
  • Tunkhannock Business & Professional Association

Buy Local

Using local providers whenever possible makes sense. Not only are we able to provide you fresher locally produced food, it also helps the local economy. According to E Magazine Summer 2007, when you buy locally your $1 translates into $14–16 in the local economy.

That same dollar spent at a national chain translates into only $0.20 in the local economy. That’s why whenever possible, we purchase locally and we thank you for doing the same!

Sandwich & Salad Stories

Tunkhannock Turkey

This is an easy one as we are located in Tunkhannock

Dietrich Delight

We love the Dietrich Theater and it spawned the renaissance in Tunkhannock and as such we thought it deserved its very own salad.

Bonnie Pastrami

Named after Bonnie Prevost, Maureen’s best friend who passed away the day before we opened our doors. Bonnie was always smiling and we’re sure you will be too when you try her delicious sandwich!

Bridge Street

We are right at Bridge Street

Forkston Club

Maureen and Peter grew up in Forkston, the yellow house right on “the block”


Peter’s lived in Brooklyn for 20 years, so I had to bring Brooklyn into the picture!

El Toro

Means “the bull” in Spanish, this sandwich is something a matador would love!


When a friend of Peter’s wanted to tease him, he would call him a “Hilly Billy” (English was not his first language so he did not realize it should be “Hill Billy”)—shhh, he still doesn’t know!

The Byrnesie

This sandwich is named after our Dad, Jimmy Byrnes who was known as “Byrnesie”

Tioga Tuna

Do we even have to say?


It’s a kid staple

Brooklyn Bridge

The most notable landmark in Peter’s neighborhood –If you ever get the chance, make sure you walk across the Brooklyn Bridge sometime. And when you do, Peter’s got lots of recommendations for places to eat in Brooklyn!

Carroll Gardens

This is Peter’s neighborhood in Brooklyn. It was here that Maureen and Peter were inspired by all the restaurants, cafes and bistros.


The white grapes in the salad make it as refreshing as a good Chardonnay.

Big Apple

Salad named after Peter’s second hometown.

Ceasar Salad

That’s what happens when you are an emperor, people name salads after you.